Hardware Manufacturing
Space / MIL Grade
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We take pride in bringing highest quality US and European made Space/MIL Grade components, spares, Assemblies & Composite materials for Aerospace, Defence, Aeronautics & T&M instruments for RF/MW Device Characterization.
We partner with top-of-the-line OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who excel in producing quality and highest performing components and products.

RF/MW/MMW Components and Assemblies

Coaxial and Waveguide Components, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, DC-DC Converters, EMI Filters, YIG Tuned Devices, GaN-on-Si power devices,  Semiconductor ICs, Terahertz Products, Ceramic Substrates, Photomasks, Blanks & Micro-Photolithographic products, Optoelectronic Solutions and High Speed Optical Receivers.

Test & Measurement Systems

Noise Calibration Systems & Accessories, RF & MW Device Characterization Solutions, Pulsed IV System, Load Pull system, Precision Coaxial & Waveguide Calibration kits for VNAs, Probe Station, Resistivity Test Systems and Microwave Test fixtures

CALKITS, Test Port Adapters, Tuner, NF Measurement, Terminations, Coaxial & WG Components

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Probe station and Resistivity Test Equipment

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Composite, Honeycomb and RF Absorbing Materials

Raw Materials for Composites, Space & MIL grade Prepregs: Thermoset Prepregs, Thermoplastic Prepregs, Tooling Prepregs, Film & Past Adhesives.

Honeycomb: Quartz, Kevlar, Carbon, Fiberglass & UltraFlex RF & MW Absorbers.

Prepregs, Adhesives, Resin, Syntactic Foams

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Carbon/Quartz/Fiberglass/Kevlar Honeycombs for Space

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Absorbers, Dielectrics, Compounds, Radomes & Radar Absorbing Structures, Honeycomb, Anechoic Chamber Materials, Radar Reflector & Lenses

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