We participated in ISpA- Vedcomspoc deep-tech seminar on 1st Dec 2023 at The USI (United Service Institute), New Delhi.

In a collaborative effort, ISpA (International Space Association) and Vedcomspoc orchestrated an illuminating seminar focused on the forefront of technological advancements. Held recently, this seminar delved into the intricacies of technologies such as SDA (Space Domain Awareness), Persistent Surveillance, Unmanned Vehicle Management, and various other space-related innovations.

The seminar garnered notable attention, drawing participation from over 20 prestigious agencies and institutions. Distinguished delegates from organizations including DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization), various branches of the Indian Defence Forces, DSA (Defence Space Administration), MI (Military Intelligence), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), among others, graced the event with their expertise.

The seminar had presentations by companies like OneSky Systems, URSA, Space EA, Saaz Micro Inc, UMBRA, Aivu, etc.

The presentations were followed by intense Q&A sessions and discussions.

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